Instructions For the EPT Early Pregnancy Test

Here is How to Use the EPT Early Pregnancy Tests

The EPT Early Pregnancy Test is home testing kits for women who believe that they may be pregnant and best digital pregnancy test will also a good test.For more help and information read here In clinical trials, this test has been proven to be approximately 99% accurate when it comes to picking up on the hormone that is present in the body when pregnancy occurs.

It is important to understand, however, that many women have varying levels of this hormone present in their body early into the pregnancy. This means that some women will have a larger amount of this hormone in their body than others on the first day following a period that has been missed.

In addition to this, many women may actually miscalculate the expected date of the start of the menstrual cycle. Here, you will learn the instructions on how to properly use the EPT Pregnancy Test.

Instructions For the EPT Early Pregnancy Test

Standard EPT Pregnancy Test

The standard EPT Pregnancy Test the best digital pregnancy test which is relatively simple to use. If you follow the directions below, you can easily get an accurate reading using:

  1. The first thing that you should do is plan on performing the test in the morning, when you pass urine for the first time. This urine sample will have the highest amount of the pregnancy hormone if you are pregnant.
  2. When you are ready to perform the test, you should remove it from the foil wrapper that it is in.
  3. You will notice that there is a cap that is purple in color on the end of the test. You should go ahead and remove this in order to uncover the absorbent tip.
  4. Now, as you are urinating, you will want to turn the test upside down and expose the tip to the urine stream. Many women are uncomfortable with this step. If you are, you can collect a sample of urine and then place the tip in it from there. If you hold the test in the urine stream, just about a five-second exposure should work. If you use a sample, about twenty seconds will be appropriate.
  5. Once the test has been exposed to the urine, you will want to turn it face up and leave it on a flat surface. Generally, results occur within two minutes. You will see a blue type color moving across the window as it is performing the test.
  6. If you see a (+) appear on the test, this indicates that you are pregnant, if you only see a (-), this indicates that the test is negative.

EPT Digital Home Pregnancy Test

If you elect to purchase the ever-popular EPT Digital Home Pregnancy Test is also the best digital pregnancy test, the instructions are the same as the standard EPT Home Pregnancy Test. The difference, however, is in the results.

With this type of test, you will be issued standard results via a small digital window that is included on the test itself.

The interpretation of the digital test is often much easier than that of the standard test.


The best digital pregnancy test is one of the most trusted and reliable pregnancy tests available on the market today. If you suspect that you are pregnant, then this may be a great test to start with.

If you discover that you have a positive result, it is important that you set an appointment with your doctor in order to confirm the pregnancy. If pregnancy is confirmed, you should start prenatal care immediately, including taking your doctor-recommended prenatal vitamins.Continue Reading . .